When I was in high school I kept a blog, a xanga actually, of my daily thoughts and experiences. Sometimes I would post poems I wrote or maybe a few pictures, and occasionally the well-thought-out essay in response to a topic that was on my mind, but generally my high school xanga was a place to vent. It was more like a journal that was intended to be read than a formal blog. I still have that xanga, but it is dead. I never post there anymore, and no one reads it. To some extent I still use it to note important events in my life, but not really. There is nothing creative there anymore and it is almost an insult to what it once was.

I have another blog, Shayna the Neuroscientist, but I haven't posted there in a long time either. It was meant to be a place for well-written blogs on topics I had considered seriously or researched, particularly those pertaining to religion and other "big issues." I am proud of the things I have written there, but honestly it is too formal for me to be able to post things regularly. I hope to write there more frequently starting now, and I plan to start including science topics such as responses to things I learn in class or reviews of new science articles that I read.

In the meantime, I have made it a goal for this year to write more and more often. Sometime between when I entered college and now my writing output has slowed to a trickle, and I regret it. Life has been busy, that is certainly one reason why I have spent less time ruminating on life in front of a notebook... but I have also started diverting more and more free time to less creative time sinks including video games, tv shows, and Stumbleupon.

For that reason it is one of my (numerous) new year's resolutions to begin writing more, and to aid in that goal I am starting this blog. Don't expect too much here - the ramblings of my mind aren't always all that interesting and the events in life are often quite mundane. Besides, my goal here isn't as much to entertain, inform, or provoke thought as it is to simply get my thoughts on paper.

Hopefully, though, you will enjoy reading my thoughts, unedited as they may be.


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