Personality Test

I just took a Meyers-Briggs personality test, and I think the results were spot-on. This isn't the first time that I have gotten this same result (INFJ) on this type of personality test, so I guess it is probably true. I don' t expect that you would be interested in reading this, but just in case I thought I'd post it. Besides it, I would like to be able to look back at it later.


INFJs are future oriented, and direct their insight and inspiration toward the understanding of themselves and thereby human nature. Their work mirrors their integrity, and it needs to reflect their inner ideals. Solitude and an opportunity to concentrate thoroughly on what counts most is important to them. INFJs prefer to quietly exert their influence. They have deeply felt compassion, and they desire harmony with others. INFJs understand the complexities existing within people and among them. They are at their best concentrating on their ideas, ideals, and inspirations.


INFJ children have two sides. They can be very much involved in the world of people, as well as quiet, imaginative, and in their own world. They are usually gentle and abhor violence. As teenager, INFJs look for a small group of people who understand and appreciate them. Without this support, they can feel isolated from others. INFJs who do not find a supportive social group may find the teen years to be somewhat difficult for them because of peer pressure to be popular and activity oriented. They are not likely to enjoy large parties, but prefer intimate groups of close and long-standing friends.

Many INFJs who have the opportunity to gravitate toward higher education where they often find their niche. With their intellectual bent, they are led to endeavors that allow them to deal with theory and complexity. Professors often spot their intellectual inclination and encourage it.

INFJs often settle early into a career choice and diligently apply themselves to the career's requirements. This same diligent pattern applies when selecting other important things in their lives, such as where to live, who to marry, and what activities are worthy of their dedication.

INFJs have an internal picture of how they would like their work to contribute to the general good. If they are in an appropriate career area, INFJs may reap the rewards of their insight and hard work. Because of their future-focus, their people orientation, and their push toward task completion, they may rise to positions of responsibility.


INFJs have a strong love of learning, and they tend to do well academically. Through persistence, diligence, and conscientiousness, they complete their assignments on time. They are likely to enjoy research and will go great lengths to find answers.

INFJs enjoy investigating the possibilities and meanings beyond the actual facts and realities. Reading holds a particular fascination for them because it allows them to have quiet reflection time and engages their imagination. They also like the written word (and rely on it more than the spoken word) since it is usually better structured and more coherent with a ready-made framework.

INFJs write and communicate well because they want to formulate their ideas clearly. They place high regard on their reader and audience. They seek to communicate their ideals to others. When their ideals need to be championed, they speak up in an enthusiastic and impassioned way.

As students, INFJs prefer learning from teachers whom they both like and admire, and who give them personal attention. INFJs are often 'model' students. They are quiet and orderly, reflective and thoughtful, and sincerely want to please their teachers and learn the right thing. They learn best from others but want time to assimilate material by themselves.

INFJs will go beyond what has been presented and often mull material over in their minds. Occasionally they will discuss ruminations with others in order to learn even more. They particularly like the more conceptual and theoretical classes, therefore, higher education is comfortable to them.


INFJs tend to be devoted to what they believe in and seek work where their needs, values, and ideals can be deeply engaged. They move on the wave of their inspirations and are determined to see that their values are worked out in their lives. They will work toward their goals individually and, when needed, will put together a team of other highly dedicated people like themselves. They are personal be with others, working with integrity and consistency, and they follow through on their commitments. INFJs, while concentrating on what is important to them, may ignore the political ramifications of their actions. They can be surprised by the necessity of being political and usually resent that aspect of organizational life. Being able to talk honestly and comfortably to people at work is much more important to them than 'playing games.'

INFJs orient themselves toward their goals using a personal, values-based framework. They do not 'advertise' their values and priorities because they believe in harmony and positive relationships. However, one would do well not to underestimate the amount of perseverance, energy, and time INFJs give to their priorities. What they do, they do with an almost religious intensity.

The INFJ external environment may be only partially organised. Their internal environment, by contrast, is anything but haphazard. Their ideas need to fit into a coherent whole that has the pieces in place. Organization of the internal world takes precedence over organization of external world.

INFJs prefer occupations that focus on the big picture, involve conceptual awareness, and lead to a better understanding of the spiritual, emotional, or future needs of people. They want their work to have impact and meaning and for it to bring them admiration and respect.

While INFJs can and do enter all occupations, some are more appealing to them than others. These include clergy, education consultant, English teacher, fine arts teacher, librarian, psychiatrist, psychologist, scientist, social worker, and other occupations that allow INFJs an opportunity to make their own creative contribution.


INFJs lead through their quiet yet persistent and determined effort toward long-range goals for themselves, others and their organizations. In working toward their vision, they win cooperation rather than demand it. INFJs work to make their insights real and are able to inspire others with their ideals. They use a low-key, soft, yet intense and determined course of action. When they do not directly lead others, they may still act as facilitators between people. In meetings, they focus on both people and new ideas.


Leisure-time pursuits for INFJs are often solitary or involve the company of others who are particularly important to them. Sitting around with dear friends discussing feelings can be very special to INFJs. INFJs are likely to have friends of long standing rather than make many new acquaintances. They may meet with their friends fairly consistently to share what is happening in their lives. It is sometimes difficult for others to break into this circle. These deep friendships are important, even though INFJs may not share much directly about themselves.


For INFJs, 'still waters run deep.' They tend to become attracted to someone special and prefer this one deep relationship over many superficial ones. The depth of involvement and feeling that the INFJ has toward loved ones is only partially communicated outward. At times, when alone, INFJs become truly in touch with the depth of the love they have for their partner. They may not openly demonstrate or even verbalize their intense feelings. INFJs often have an ideal standard of what love is. They hold to their ideal and are disappointed when, inevitably, their relationship and/or mate reveals flaws. INFJs enjoy sharing activities like a regular 'date,' revisiting the place where they first met their mates, or doing other symbolic things that help to continue and confirm the existence of the bond that they feel for their partner.

INFJs want to give love and to be loved. They enter into relationships just to be cared for, even when the person is not right for them and they suspect it. However, when they meet that special person, they are quick to get into the relationship and make it a serious one. They will end their other relationships in order to pursue their loved one. They become very focused, intense, and direct in that pursuit.

INFJs, when scorned, take it personally and retreat inward. They may obsess about the relationship and their role in its failure. One INFJ explained, 'people can do the most outrageous things, yet I blame myself for triggering their behaviour or not recognizing it. I see myself as responsible for relationships. Other people can dismiss them --- I'm not able to.' INFJs may blame themselves and experience a period of mourning. If they do not marshall their resources, externalized their feelings, and take risks to move on, they may experience a long periods of self-examination.

My Life Goals (In No Particular Order)

Get PhD

Have own lab

Win Nobel Prize

Consistently Eat Healthy

Consistently Stay Fit

- Run

- Swim

- Bike

- Weights

- Yoga

- Hiking/Backpacking

- Snowboarding

- Surfing?

- Scuba Diving?

- Do one or more triathlons

- Do one or more 5K and 10K races

Get Scuba Diving Certification

Go Skydiving

See the world

- Visit every continent

- Visit Japan

- Visit Hong Kong

- Visit New Zealand

- Visit Australia

- Visit Britain

- Visit France

- Visit Spain

- Visit Germany

- Visit Amsterdam

- Visit Italy

- Visit Greece

- Visit Egypt

- Somewhere in Africa (Humanitarian work in Tanzania?)

- Somewhere in South America (Humanitarian work in Chile?)

- Go to Alaska

- Go on a Multinational Cruise

Live Abroad

Speak Spanish Fluently

Live on a Beach

Live Simply

Be an Interesting Person

Be Environmentally Responsible

- Eat Local when Possible

- Don’t Eat Meat

- Recycle

- Use Less Energy

- Use Less Fossil Fuels

- Buy from Environmentally Responsible Companies

Have a Dog

Have a Parrot

Have Kids?

- Put Kids in Good Schools

- Make them Play Instruments

- Make them Learn a Language

- Make them Play Sports

- Raise them to be Morally Responsible Atheists

- Know them, Love them, and Support them

Donate Money to Worthy Charities

Do Humanitarian Work More Often

See Everything Possible

Experience Everything Possible

Know Everything Possible

Spring Break

I went to the Grand Canyon over spring break, and it was awesome (here is the link to my Flickr photo set of the trip, if you are interested). If you haven't been to the Grand Canyon you should try to go... its really pretty.

Friday we drove to Arizona and camped on the rim, and it was cold! There was snow on the ground and later we found out that it might have gotten down to 18 degrees that night. Luckily we were all 6 in one tent, so we cuddled up for warmth. The next day we hiked all the way to the bottom (9.3 miles with heavy packs). It took almost all day, but we were rewarded with 2 nights of restful camping at the bottom where it was fairly warm. We hiked halfway up on Monday, then the rest of the way up on Tuesday. We were able to watch the sunset over the rim on Tuesday, then we stayed in a hotel on Tuesday night because we didn't want to stay in the cold again. Wednesday we drove home.

The hiking was pretty intense because even with all of the switchbacks some parts were really steep. I finished with a great sense of accomplishment - but next time I'm riding the mules to the bottom (since I also finished with a sense of exhaustion and insane soreness).

Overall, though, it was very beautiful and a great trip. I think its something everyone should see sometime during their life. I know for me it was an opportunity to check off a life goal.

Missing in Action

Sorry I have been M.I.A. for the last few weeks. I don't have an excuse, really. It's just that every time I sat down to this blog to write I couldn't think of what to say. My life seemed to explode a few weeks ago and I am just now putting the pieces back together.

The summary is:

  • My boyfriend and I broke up... then got back together 2 days later. It was a really emotional time... I'm glad its over. I don't particularly want to talk about it, but I thought I should mention it here.
  • I got certified to be an OTL leader. OTL is the outdoor club at my school. It's awesome because the club has an $18,000 budget for outdoor trips and gear, and as an OTL leader I can plan trips wherever I want and get the club's help in paying for it. I still haven't decided where I want to go first... any ideas? Particularly in the Southern California area?
  • My research is going really well this semester. I have had 4 experiments, each of which lasted over 12 hours including prep, and I have been able to get data from each of them. The experiments are technically difficult, but each one is getting easier as I'm learning the necessary skills. Hopefully if everything continues to go well this semester, this summer, and next school year my professor and I will be able to publish a paper before I graduate.
  • Classes are pretty interesting this semester. I love molecular biology seminar, cell bio is only okay, and so far neurobio is easy because it is mostly review. Neuropsych has yet to interest me, but I think that is because I am biased towards the biology side of neuroscience rather than the psychology side. My last class is Gandhi's India. It's really interesting, but I have decided that I don't particularly like Gandhi. I can respect some of his ideas/methods but generally he was just kind of a weirdo, and not a very likable one. Maybe my next post will be about my thoughts on him.
  • Oh! And I got my hair cut today. Unfortunately it isn't a particularly good haircut... the girl didn't listen to what I wanted and just kind of did her own thing. Fortunately I think I can get it fixed fairly easily; I might even be able to get it cut for free by a friend.
In the meantime life has settled down. I spent this weekend sleeping, watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on DVD, cooking/baking, cleaning, reading and generally regrouping. It was a much needed rest, especially because I have several midterms over the next two weeks.

And I can't make any promises, but my plan is to post here more often.

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