My Life Goals (In No Particular Order)

Get PhD

Have own lab

Win Nobel Prize

Consistently Eat Healthy

Consistently Stay Fit

- Run

- Swim

- Bike

- Weights

- Yoga

- Hiking/Backpacking

- Snowboarding

- Surfing?

- Scuba Diving?

- Do one or more triathlons

- Do one or more 5K and 10K races

Get Scuba Diving Certification

Go Skydiving

See the world

- Visit every continent

- Visit Japan

- Visit Hong Kong

- Visit New Zealand

- Visit Australia

- Visit Britain

- Visit France

- Visit Spain

- Visit Germany

- Visit Amsterdam

- Visit Italy

- Visit Greece

- Visit Egypt

- Somewhere in Africa (Humanitarian work in Tanzania?)

- Somewhere in South America (Humanitarian work in Chile?)

- Go to Alaska

- Go on a Multinational Cruise

Live Abroad

Speak Spanish Fluently

Live on a Beach

Live Simply

Be an Interesting Person

Be Environmentally Responsible

- Eat Local when Possible

- Don’t Eat Meat

- Recycle

- Use Less Energy

- Use Less Fossil Fuels

- Buy from Environmentally Responsible Companies

Have a Dog

Have a Parrot

Have Kids?

- Put Kids in Good Schools

- Make them Play Instruments

- Make them Learn a Language

- Make them Play Sports

- Raise them to be Morally Responsible Atheists

- Know them, Love them, and Support them

Donate Money to Worthy Charities

Do Humanitarian Work More Often

See Everything Possible

Experience Everything Possible

Know Everything Possible


Zac said...

I really like "Be an Interesting Person" and "Know everything possible"

Sweet list.... I think I should make one of these....

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