I know, I know: I have been delinquent in posting. As anyone in school knows, its a crazy time of the semester. But its almost over!

This week I need to take a cell bio final, a neuropsych final, write a 15 pg lab report, analyze some data for an abstract for a conference, and turn in the abstract.

The 2 weeks after that I work as the personal assistant for a woman in the CMC development office. We are finishing the preparations for the CMC alumni weekend, then executing the weekend.

After that I spend the rest of my summer doing research. I am working in the lab that I have been in all year and continuing two separate experiments. Its going to be great because I will be running both experiments and have one helper (or minion) on each. Nicole will help me with the experiments involving a zebra finch brain region called CM while Alexis will help me with those involving mMAN. If all goes well we will be doing 4 experiments a week (two of each type) and by the end of the summer we will have enough data for two posters at the Society for Neuroscience conference and possibly enough data for two papers.

Oh, and my third summer job is caring for all of the animals in joint science. Plus I have to do jury duty sometime (ick).

In any case, my hope is that I will somehow have more time to write on this blog. Any topics you would like to see? I often sit down to write, can't think of anything to say, then get distracted and start stumbling. Not so productive... but oh so fun.


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