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Hey everyone! Guess what? My blog (you know, the one you are reading) was added to The Atheist Blogroll. w00t w00t.

There are over 800 blogs on the blogroll now, all by atheist/agnostic bloggers. I haven't read all of the blogs, but I am subscribed to a few of the blogs on my google reader. The blogs are very diverse in scope, theme, topics covered, etc. but it is nice to know when you read them that you are hearing the perspective of a fellow atheist. Its refreshing, to me at least, to read posts that cover topics about separation of church and state or being "out" at work as an atheist rather than a post about a blogger's "relationship with God."

The latest 25 posts from blogs on the blogroll can be found on my sidebar, and if you are interested in joining the blogroll visit visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.


Aniket K said...

Congrats on getting added to Atheist blogroll and thanks for your comments.

Your blog is also very interesting. All the best in you PhD endeavor.

The Maze Monster said...

mine was recently added too....

and yes that woman was disturbing

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