The Election - An Obligatory Reaction Post

The results I care about:

1) OBAMA WON! Yay!

2) California Prop 4 (requiring parental consent for minors to get abortions) has not been called yet. Right now CNN shows 99% of precincts reporting with prop 4 winning 52% to 48%. Messed up.

3) California Prop 8 (banning same-sex marriage) also hasn't been called. CNN shows 99% of precincts reporting with prop 4 winning 52% to 48%, sound familiar? This is unbearably depressing to me.

You know, that means that in California there were A LOT of people who voted for Obama and at the same time voted for Prop 4 and Prop 8. This disturbs me. It disturbs me that people can be racially tolerant and leaning toward a liberal ideology and still be intolerant enough to think that it is wrong for same-sex couples to get married. It also bothers me that Obama not only says he is a Christian but claims that he also defines marriage between a man and a woman. He is quick to defend the rights of ethnic minorities, but he is slow to stand up for other minorities in the states such as atheists and GLBTI individuals. In these ways he does not represent me and my secular corner of America which desires true equality for ALL Americans.

So where does this leave us? Well I am hopeful that with a liberal president and a democratic senate we will be able to get some progressive judges on the bench in the next 4 years. Also, the "No on 8" folks out here haven't given up quite yet. A law suit is being mounted saying that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional to begin with therefore it cannot be added to the California constitution. There is still hope... but I remain thoroughly disappointed in California voters tonight.


So since I checked CNN last night things have changed - Prop 4 is NOT going to pass! That is awesome, I'm glad. But I'm still totally ticked about prop 8. Thats just BS...


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